Summertime Saga

Summertime Saga Game

Summertime Saga
  • Developer: Kompas Productions
  • Genre: Visual novel
  • Version: 0.20.13
User Rating: Rating 4.53

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Release Date
Jan 01, 2021
Kompas Productions
Kompas Productions
Visual novel
Windows PC, Mac, IOS, Android


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Download Summertime Saga Dating Game for Windows

Elijah Campbell

Summertime Saga is a text-based game that is an adult-themed visual novel. Software is divided into six different episodes, each of which is a different story. First episode you play is story of protagonist’s summer vacation with their family. Protagonist is a 16-year-old called Emily. Story takes place in aftermath of apocalypse, player is tasked with rebuilding the world. Product is entirely text-based, there is no voice acting, so players will need to read through dialogue to understand story. Summertime Saga free download is a dating and farming simulator game. Product takes place in a small town called Westcliffe. Protagonist of soft is a 17-year-old named Alex who lives with her mother and her little sister, Rose. Story begins with Alex looking for a new babysitter for her sister and ends up meeting flirtatious and mysterious new babysitter, Jake.


Graphics of download Summertime Saga game is a mix of anime-style and realistic. You can tell that it is a text-based game, but graphics and colours give soft a very different feel. Graphics are cartoonish, with an anime-like feel. Map features a grid with tiles where player can move character. Character sprites are very small, but are detailed enough. Software is played in two different modes, Adventure or RPG Summertime Saga PC download, which are very different. Adventure mode is more relaxed and features less choices, while RPG mode is more difficult and puts more pressure on player to make choices. Graphics in this game are very simple. There are some pictures that show picturesque landscape of countryside. Pictures are not very detailed or animated, but they do give game a nice, calming aura. Only in-game animations in this game are in character portraits in dialogue boxes.


There is a lot of reading and it is very lengthy, but it is worth it. You can play as one of the five characters and it allows you to make choices that will affect outcome of story. Program is played through point and click, where player clicks on objects to interact with them. Person is able to pick up items, talk to characters, explore. Person is able to explore towns, homes, and some other places in game.Gameplay in Summertime Saga Unblocked is turn-based and features a grid-based movement system. Combat plays out in a Strategy-RPG fashion with a tactical grid and a variety of skills that can be mapped to buttons on controller. User has to work with few people that are left in world to survive, by scavenging for supplies, building new settlements, facing undead hordes. As Michael moves Summertime Saga game download around world, player can interact with objects, people, locations on screen, as well as use game's menu system to use items or equip objects that have been collected. Program features puzzles that person must solve to advance. This game Summertime Saga download PC is a dating simulator. User must complete quests, go to school, take care of their sister, maintain friendships, among other things. Program is quite long, with over 300 quests to complete. This game is very interactive. User can click on anything in environment to explore.


There is a lot of replayability as you can play as one of five characters and make different choices. Replayability in install Summertime Saga is limited, but there are some fun moments in soft that make it worth playing through more than once. It's a great game if you want something lighthearted to play after a heavy RPG. This game is very replayable. Player has to complete quests in order to have a happy ending. User can complete any quests in any order they choose. There are many side quests that player can complete for hidden endings.


  • I keep getting this error when I try to load the game, "The game encountered an error and cannot be opened."?
    This is usually caused by a problem with the game's files. Try deleting it and redownloading, make sure the game is fully downloaded, or contact the developer.
  • I can't click through the UI, what do I do?
    If you're playing with the mouse, make sure the right mouse button is pressed down. If you're playing with a controller, make sure that the right analog stick is pushed in.
  • What is the point of the game?
    Point of the game is to get enough points to get into the next Summertime Saga play online area.


Overall, play Summertime Saga online is a point-and-click, adult, horror game that is created by Akabei Soft. It is story of Michael, a man who is haunted by his childhood memories, follows a path of redemption as he investigates his family's suspicious deaths. Software is set in fictional, sleepy town of Riversbend.


  • Great graphics;
  • Fun gameplay;
  • A variety of sexual scenarios.


  • It's expensive;
  • The story is a little lackluster.

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